Do I need a publisher if I am already registered with a performing rights organization (PRO)?

Yes! You absolutely need one!

A publisher does not replace the PRO, but rather complements it. The publisher helps effectively manage your music catalogue and ensures you receive all the licensing royalties due to you from around the world.

Even if you are a member of a PRO, the publisher will register your compositions with societies in different countries to directly collect the publisher's share of performance royalties for the use of your compositions.

Additionally, working with a publisher will allow you to collect mechanical royalties, which are typically not collected by PROs. Mechanical royalties are paid for physical sales and interactive streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal).

The publisher also collects royalties from YouTube by claiming rights and monetizing user-generated content through a Content ID system, receiving the copyright’s share of royalties for you.

Thus, the publisher complements the PRO's services and ensures maximum collection of all royalties due to you, globally.

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