Can I use Topgunmusic Corp if I already have a distributor? 

In the music business, it's crucial to distinguish between composition copyrights and recording rights. Today, we'll explore why independent artists might need to work with two different types of companies.

The rights to your musical composition and the rights to its specific sound recording (or "master") are managed separately. Traditionally, publishers and labels handled these respectively.

In the digital distribution era, independent musicians can control both aspects themselves. However, this requires the…

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IPI and CAE Numbers 

To properly identify songwriters and publishers in the music industry, there is a special system of unique numbers. Today, we'll explore the differences between two key identifiers - IPI and CAE.

At first glance, these numbers appear identical. IPI (Interested Party Information) is often referred to as the CAE number, which stands for "Compositeur, Auteur, et Éditeur" - the French expression for "Composer, Author, and Publisher."

IPI and CAE numbers consist of 9-11 digits and are assigned to rightholders by…

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What Ensures Continued Royalty Payments If and When Your Contract with TopGunMusic Corp Ends? 

What Ensures Continued Royalty Payments If and When Your Contract with TopGunMusic Corp Ends?

Many artists wonder about the continuity of royalty payments if their contract with TopGunMusic Corp were to end. Here’s how we ensure that your royalties are handled meticulously, even beyond the term of our contract:

1. Royalty Collection and Accumulation:
- Royalty collection societies such as ASCAP, BMI, and others play a crucial role. They accumulate royalties over time for the use of your music, including public…

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5 Tips for Getting Your Music on Spotify Playlists 

Step 1: Verify Your Account
First, you need to get your artist account verified on Spotify. The checkmark next to your name not only indicates that you're a legitimate artist but also gives you control over your artist page, access to extensive information about your fans, and the ability to directly pitch your songs to Spotify's editorial team for playlist consideration.

Be sure to complete every section of your artist profile (photo, biography, social media links, tour dates, etc.) to be taken seriously and…

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Is TopGunMusic Corp a Traditional Publisher? 

TopGunMusic Corp is a publishing administrator that provides administrative services for registering and collecting royalties for the use of musical works. However, the company does not offer creative services for licensing songs or assisting with co-writing.

How is it different from traditional publishers? Usually, publishers aim to promote and license your songs, help with creating new compositions. They work in a creative direction.

TopGunMusic Corp, on the other hand, performs purely administrative…

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Do I need a publisher if I am already registered with a performing rights organization (PRO)? 

Yes! You absolutely need one!

A publisher does not replace the PRO, but rather complements it. The publisher helps effectively manage your music catalogue and ensures you receive all the licensing royalties due to you from around the world.

Even if you are a member of a PRO, the publisher will register your compositions with societies in different countries to directly collect the publisher's share of performance royalties for the use of your compositions.

Additionally, working with a publisher will allow you…

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Why do I need TopGunMusic Corp Publishing? 

TopGunMusic Corp provides songwriters with the opportunity to collect royalties globally.

For independent songwriters, self-collecting international royalties is an extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming task. TopGunMusic Corp manages this process entirely, for you.

Even if you are a member of a performing rights organization and/or have your own publishing company, you may be missing out on a significant portion of the royalties owed to you due to their dispersion across territories and sources. We…

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Topgunmusic Corp owns the rights to my music? 

No, our clients retain full control over their copyrights.

Topgunmusic Corp clients always own 100% of the copyrights to their works. We administer the rights that our clients provide to us for registering their musical works with performing rights organizations worldwide for a specified term.

This differentiates us from traditional publishing deals where songwriters are often required to transfer some or even all of their copyrights, sometimes for an unlimited period. By retaining 100% ownership of your…

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7 Reasons to Be a Client of TopgunMusic Corp, publishing company. 

If you have a music distributor that places your songs on all platforms, your songs are getting a lot of plays or radio airplay, but if you don't have a publisher, you're missing out on not collected generated income.
Here are 7 reasons why partnering with the music publisher TopgunMusic Corp is your ideal partner for collecting your publishing royalties.

▶️ You keep full control
By registering your works with TopgunMusic Corp, you retain 100% of the copyrights – this means full control over the use of your…

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Do I need to sign a contract with Topgunmusic Corp as a publisher if I am already a member of Performing Rights Organization (PRO)? 

Topgunmusic Corp does not replace your Performing Rights Organization (PRO). We help you manage your current PRO catalog and make sure you receive all the performance and mechanical royalties.  When you join Topgunmusic Corp, we register your songs at global PROs to collect performance royalties directly.

Joining Topgunmusic Corp also gives you the ability to collect mechanical royalties that are not collected by PROs. Mechanical royalties are generated from physical sales and interactive streams (Spotify…

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