Full Service for Artists

1 step: Send your demo for mastering and/or mixing

2 step: 
A: Send your music to the Label
B: Sell your music directly online on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and every major streaming services

3 step: Ask strategic advice and marketing planning
4 step: Promote your music via Promo pool and/or Spotify
5 step: Join publisher and collect all your royalties 


  • Step 1: Register 
  • Step 2: Agreement 
  • Step 3: Add your songs  
  • Step 4: Royalty collection and payment



  • Submit Your Demo
  • Genres: Melodic Techno, Progressive House, Minimal House, Afro House, Deep House
Making amazing music takes talent! Let us help your talent be heard by the audience it deserves!”