Why do I need TopGunMusic Corp Publishing?

TopGunMusic Corp provides songwriters with the opportunity to collect royalties globally.

For independent songwriters, self-collecting international royalties is an extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming task. TopGunMusic Corp manages this process entirely, for you.

Even if you are a member of a performing rights organization and/or have your own publishing company, you may be missing out on a significant portion of the royalties owed to you due to their dispersion across territories and sources. We will ensure direct collection of all your royalties, whether they are mechanical royalties or public performance royalties, across all territories.

In addition, we will help you effectively manage your catalogue within the performing rights organization to maximize accurate collection of public performance royalties. We will also ensure proper international registration of your songs for correct distribution of royalties among co-writers.

Collect all the royalties due to you with TopGunMusic Corp as your partner.

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