What Ensures Continued Royalty Payments If and When Your Contract with TopGunMusic Corp Ends?

What Ensures Continued Royalty Payments If and When Your Contract with TopGunMusic Corp Ends?

Many artists wonder about the continuity of royalty payments if their contract with TopGunMusic Corp were to end. Hereā€™s how we ensure that your royalties are handled meticulously, even beyond the term of our contract:

1. Royalty Collection and Accumulation:
- Royalty collection societies such as ASCAP, BMI, and others play a crucial role. They accumulate royalties over time for the use of your music, including public performances and streaming.
- It typically takes up to a year for these societies to process and remit these amounts to us, your publisher-administrator.

2. End of Contract Process:
- At the conclusion of your contract, TopGunMusic Corp issues a Letter of Release (LOR). This document facilitates your transition to a new publisher or administrator.
- This transition period is crucial as some royalty payments may still be in the process of being collected and remitted by the societies.

3. Continuation of Payments:
- Even after your contract has officially ended, royalties earned during your term with TopGunMusic Corp will continue to be managed by us. This is because royalties that accrued during your contract may still be processed by the societies.
- Once we receive these royalties, TopGunMusic Corp deducts its commission and forwards the remaining balance to you.

4. Guarantee of Payment:
- You will continue to receive royalty payments from TopGunMusic Corp for a period that covers your previous contract term. We guarantee that all amounts due to you for that time will be properly transferred.
Understanding this process is vital for effectively planning the monetization of your music. This approach is standard industry practice, influenced by how royalty collection societies operate, and reflects our commitment to ensuring that all financial matters are settled accurately and transparently.
Partner with TopGunMusic Corp for expert royalty management that ensures you receive every payment you're due, with transparency and ease throughout your music career.

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