Is TopGunMusic Corp a Traditional Publisher?

TopGunMusic Corp is a publishing administrator that provides administrative services for registering and collecting royalties for the use of musical works. However, the company does not offer creative services for licensing songs or assisting with co-writing.

How is it different from traditional publishers? Usually, publishers aim to promote and license your songs, help with creating new compositions. They work in a creative direction.

TopGunMusic Corp, on the other hand, performs purely administrative functions in managing musicians' copyrights:

   • Registering songs with royalty collection societies (ASCAP, BMI, etc.)

   • Collecting royalties from various uses of your music

   • Paying out collected royalties after deducting their commission

If you haven't previously registered a publisher, TopGunMusic Corp will be listed as such when registering your songs with the performing rights organizations.

Thus, TopGunMusic Corp is not your publisher in the classic sense of the word. The company acts as a copyright administrator, ensuring the collection of royalties due to you.

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