Can I use Topgunmusic Corp if I already have a distributor?

In the music business, it's crucial to distinguish between composition copyrights and recording rights. Today, we'll explore why independent artists might need to work with two different types of companies.

The rights to your musical composition and the rights to its specific sound recording (or "master") are managed separately. Traditionally, publishers and labels handled these respectively.

In the digital distribution era, independent musicians can control both aspects themselves. However, this requires the services of two partners:

1. Digital distributor. These services ensure your music is placed on streaming platforms and collect royalties for recording rights.

2. Publishing administrator (Topgunmusic Corp). Companies of this type are responsible for registering and administering your composition copyrights.
Thus, distributors work with one side, while publishing administrators handle the other. This separation is due to the complexities of music licensing and royalty collection.

If you're managing your own copyrights, working solely with a distributor will result in lost potential income from the publishing side. This is why collaborating with Topgunmusic Corp becomes necessary.

The company will handle all aspects of registering and administering your compositions, as well as ensure you receive all due royalties in this area. A publishing administrator's experience and resources will help maximize the monetization of your music.

In essence, you can – and often should – use both a distributor and a publishing administrator like Topgunmusic Corp to fully capitalize on all revenue streams from your music.

Collect all the royalties due to you with TopGunMusic Corp as your partner.

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