7 Reasons to Be a Client of TopgunMusic Corp, publishing company.

If you have a music distributor that places your songs on all platforms, your songs are getting a lot of plays or radio airplay, but if you don't have a publisher, you're missing out on not collected generated income.
Here are 7 reasons why partnering with the music publisher TopgunMusic Corp is your ideal partner for collecting your publishing royalties.

▶️ You keep full control
By registering your works with TopgunMusic Corp, you retain 100% of the copyrights – this means full control over the use of your songs, including key creative rights such as synchronization. We believe the songs belong to you, and no one else should decide how to use them.

▶️ Worldwide
TopgunMusic Corp maintains direct relationships with copyright societies in 160+ countries, ensuring maximum royalty collection range for independent writers worldwide.

▶️ Royalties
Our partner Curve Royalty Systems will allow you to track various royalty types. We pay royalties on a regular basis.

▶️ Flexible terms
You can register songs at your discretion. We recommend adding your entire catalogue to ensure royalty collection from all sources.

▶️ Personal support
As our client, you get not only access to global infrastructure but also individual support from experts to help you achieve your full musical potential

▶️ You control the process
You decide how many songs to register. Act strategically by registering songs right after their release. We'll collect the royalties due to you, for you.

▶️ No upfront fees
Unlike other publishers, we have no upfront fees for registration.

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