5 Tips for Getting Your Music on Spotify Playlists

Step 1: Verify Your Account
First, you need to get your artist account verified on Spotify. The checkmark next to your name not only indicates that you're a legitimate artist but also gives you control over your artist page, access to extensive information about your fans, and the ability to directly pitch your songs to Spotify's editorial team for playlist consideration.

Be sure to complete every section of your artist profile (photo, biography, social media links, tour dates, etc.) to be taken seriously and increase your chances of success.

Step 2: Activity on Spotify
Regular releases ensure that your new tracks appear in the "Release Radar" playlists for your subscribers. Promoting your artist page, using Canvas visual content—all of this increases your visibility on Spotify and your chances of getting on playlists.

Step 3: Connections with Independent Curators
Analyze popular playlists in your genre. Find out who curates them, and try to build partnerships with the curators through social media and personalized pitches.

Step 4: Submissions to the Editorial Team
Verified artists can directly submit tracks for Spotify's editors to consider, no later than 2-3 weeks before the release. Fill out the form in detail and provide context about your community.

Step 5: Overall PR Efforts
Getting on a playlist is a great PR opportunity. Announce it across all channels, thank the curators, and maximize the resulting momentum to attract new audiences.

Also, don't forget the possibility of creating your own playlists to engage with fans and support fellow artists. Most of your playlists should contain songs by other artists, with a couple of your own tracks added to each. Aim for a number between 25 and 100 songs.

Systematic efforts across all these areas will consistently increase your music's presence on Spotify over time. This is not only a source of streaming royalties but also a new audience for advancing your career.

If you produce electronic music in the melodic techno or progressive house style, submit your tracks to our Moonbeam - Melodic Techno playlist through SubmitHub or Groover.

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